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RE: Free Groo Mousepads ...

Speaking of the Philipines (sorry for the bad segue), We are finally
officially set to go there at the end of July.  Lia, Bubble, do either one
of you live around or near Manilla?  Would be neat to meet some fellow
mulchmonkeys.  How about any in Hong Kong?  As for our Army member, I will
be in Chin Hae for a bit in August if you wanna drop by and say hi and grab
a beer or something.  After that, its off the ship for me and back to the
good ol' USA.  finally, I can buy groo comics....

Gabe the Wanderer
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!

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> Hi everyone,
> kool kat said:
> > actually i think selling the Groop Groo mousepads is acceptable as long
> as
> > it's not for a profit ... and the buyer should of course pay for the
> > postage costs.
> I guess everyone should just be careful about selling their 
> groopads -- same rules as when Nate and Ruben made and sent 
> them out. The point was not to make money (each of us paid for 
> the pads we ordered, plus shipping costs of course), but to make 
> something special, just for the Groop. Basically, the last thing any 
> of us really want to see is a groopad up for sale on Ebay.
> :] Lia
> P.S. Dungeons and Dragons (the cartoon) is being shown on one 
> of our local channels, only it's been dubbed. Quite horribly, I might 
> add. Bubble, have you seen it? It's on some mornings on RPN.
> Movie: "The good die first."   
> Tom: "But most of us are morally ambiguous, which explains
> our random dying patterns."
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