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                  SAM-YOUNG CO.,LTD.

"SAM-YOUNG CO., LTD" has been dedicated to fashion industry for nearly 15
years as manufacturing company of clothing accessory.
We can produce badge, thread, button, label, hangtag, zipper,
velcro and so on
We have the latest and most efficient equipment, and we can pass on this
efficiency in lower costs to our customers.
We believe our quality and service is the best in the industry, and that
if given the chance we can reduce your manufacturing costs.

When you need information for your order, Please send me email or call.

We are going to do our best for your business

We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

               BEST REGARDS

TEL: 82-2-3665-2347~8  FAX: 82-2-3665-2349
E-MAIL: samyoung@samyoungworld.co.kr
HOMEPAGE: http://www.samyoungworld.co.kr