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Lil' Groo

Hi Folks!

Well, it's so darn quiet I couldn't stand it anymore.  I don't know about
the rest of you, but I've been busy with #2 son graduating from HS, playing
musical bedroom furniture as we reconfigure the house, plus work has been
hell (We now have the anal retentive tax letter reviewer who has no life!) 
So even though I can't think of anything funny, interesting, or even very
informative to say, here is a message. 

It IS time to order the Dark Horse Presents for August from your friendly
neighborhood comic book shop.  At least that's what mine told me.  I told
them there would be a Lil' Groo story and so they are going to order more
than usual, including an extra for me to send to world reknowned Malaysian
Grooper Trooper, Azamin.  I can do the same for anyone else who has no
access and doesn't mind paying the postage, but most of you can probably
just give your local comic store a kick in the butt!  

btw, Sometime soon I may be unavailable for a week or so while I get a new
computer.  Whoohoo!  No more green tinted screen and only 75 MHz!  

Also, my webpage with the Groo List on it will take longer than I hoped. 
Seems #1 son wants to spend his off work hours with his girl friend instead
of programming!  Imagine that!  What kind of future electrical
engineer/computer science geek is he?  

Take care -Gary G.