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A Kool Kat Groop discussion ...

hi groopies !

I noticed it's a bit slow these few days so I thought I might try to
liven things up by suggesting some Groop discussions ... Here's my
sorry and pitiful attempt ...

(1) A story/setting that you would like Groo to appear in but have not
yet (as far as you know) ?

I would love to see Groo in a Scandinavian setting (with Vikings!)
especially since Groo (the comic) seems quite popular there ... also,
there was a Groo Gram once where a reader said it would be nice to see
Groo in the 20th century (recently, Rufferto did!) ... I say, me too!

(2) Which is your favorite Groo cover ? and why ?
They're all great but mine would have to be Epic#23 ... WAIT! ...
before you rush to your dust covered box of Groo back issues, here's
why ... (a) Sergio and company is hidden in the crowd (b) the funniest
part of Groo is given special focus at the top right (c) one of my fav
characters Drumm is on it and (d) the color's real nice ... btw, does
anybody know who's the fat guy with the floral shirt ?? (next to
Sergio) ..

(1) Which is your favourite and least favourite running joke ?
Mine is the "Slow Of Mind" joke ... It never fails to crack me up even
though I've read it a million times ... In fact, me and my pals use it
on each other sometimes ... My least favourite must be the "Mulching"
one ... I never found it the least bit funny and was REALLY glad it
ended quite fast ... ME, thanks for ending it at Epic#19 ... you must
have got sick of it! ... (no flames pls) ... :)

a stressed-hairdropping-frustrated-arrrggghh kool kat 

p.s. I'm suffering major "Kool Kat" mode withdrawal symptoms ... so to
save me endless mental torture and pain, I've decided to alternate
between modes from now on ... hehe ... it's already starting to feel
better ... <sigh> ... :P

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