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Re: A Kool Kat Groop discussion ...

A couple I'd like to see: 
-cliff-side dwellings like some of the American Native tribes used in
the Colorado Plateau (Anasazi Indians)
-Arctic region with igloos and ice fishing

Hard to say which Groo cover is favorite:
-I've always liked the double-sided Pacific one that was made into the
t-shirt; although the way Groo's mouth was colored in always bothered
-my least favorite cover has always been the one where Groo is painting
the logo; I dunno' why, but it just annoys me.

All best,

bennido ng wrote:

> (1) A story/setting that you would like Groo to appear in but have not
> yet (as far as you know) ?

> (2) Which is your favorite Groo cover ? and why ?