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Re: "Spark"ing up some interest

I'd have to say I'd rather not see such a font.  Mainly because it would
be a rip-off of his style, whether or not directly scanned.  I just
think the cons (including the barely legal aspect) outweigh the pros. 
There must be a few other styles of fonts in the 'pubilc domain' of
lettering that would be suitable for your great free font project....?

All best,

Nate Piekos wrote:
> Well, here's the debate... I'd love to design a font loosely based on Stan
> Sakai's lettering... but I don't know if I should.  On the Pro side:
> cool font.
> It'd be free for anyone to have.
> I could give it a nifty title like, "CheeseDip Regular"
> Fonts are a gray area where copyright infringements are concerned.
> Legally, I can take anyone's handwriting and make a font out of it with no
> legal repercussions, because you can't copyright handwriting (as far as I
> know.)
> Con Side:
> I'd feel like I was ripping off Stan Sakai to an extent (because it
> wouldn't be exactly his handwriting, but close.)
> I don't know how Stan would feel about that.  If he'd dissaprove, I would
> respect his wishes, but I have no way to ask him.