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Re: "Spark"ing up some interest

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> I'd have to say I'd rather not see such a font.  Mainly because it would
> be a rip-off of his style, whether or not directly scanned.  I just
> think the cons (including the barely legal aspect) outweigh the pros.
> There must be a few other styles of fonts in the 'pubilc domain' of
> lettering that would be suitable for your great free font project....?
> All best,
> Ruben.

How about you make the font and give it to Stan only (no other people will use
it which includes you Nate.  This mean, only Stan can use it for everything
without having to write it (he had to type it).  In other way, you help him to
make his own handwriting font.  Call it Exclusively Stan font.