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Re: "Spark"ing up some interest

>How about you make the font and give it to Stan only (no other people will
>it which includes you Nate.  This mean, only Stan can use it for everything
>without having to write it (he had to type it).  In other way, you help
him to
>make his own handwriting font.  Call it Exclusively Stan font.

~~~~ Naah.  Stan does all his lettering by hand.  I don't think he'd want
to use a computer.  And that's the reason I wanted to make a font....
because he's so awesome doing it by hand.  

Besides, I could never resist NOT using a font that I designed... all that
work and I couldn't use it!? ; )

So I've decided that since Stan probably wouldn't like the idea, I just
won't do it.  Because I don't like it when people do things with my art
that I don't approve of.

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