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Re: Mouse Pads....

Hi Ruben,

I'm more than happy to get whichever cen does not want.

Peace, Bennido.

--- Ruben Arellano <ruben@oanet.com> wrote:
> Gee guys, I feel bad about this.....
> Ok, it turns out I messed up.  I had forgotten
> someone had already
> ordered one of the last pads a while ago (but I
> hadn't heard back from
> them for a while).  The pad they took is #2, so
> cen's first pick is
> gone, and I only have a #1 left.  BUT, I do have
> some error pads left
> over.  The *only* problem with the #2 error is that
> it has a thin (1/8
> inch) white line at the right-most edge of it.  
> So, if this isn't a problem for cen, then everything
> is as it was (ie:
> cen will get an 'error' pad #2, and Bennido gets a
> 'regular' #1). 
> Otherwise, please let me know what you want to do. 
> Of course, cen gets
> first pick on what he wants to do....
> Thanks (and sorry),
> Ruben.

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