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Re: no spam

What's wrong with spam? I love spam, especially fried, or covered in cheese dip.

Dear Groop,

I'm moslem and can't eat Spam.  THANK GOD!!

With that being said, here's the main reason for
this post.  Normally I don't write about Chats,
but for this one, it only seems appropriate, that
I share it with the Groop.

I chat under the name Groo.  Always have, always
will (if the name is available).  I go to a chat
room, and there is someone "whispering" to me.
We "whisper" back and fourth for a rather long
period of time until she(?) asks me some strange
question about being "Groo the Story teller" or
"Groo the poet".  Replying with a  question I
find out that there was another person with the
name "Groo" who was in that room shortly before
me and that the person that I was talking to
mistook me for him(?).


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