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Re: Jokes

Hi Folks!

Ok I just have time for a quickie answer.  Groo has been published in nine
languages other than english:  Swedish, Danish, Norweigen, Finnish, German,
Spanish (Spain), French, Portugese (Brazil), and Turkish.  There are 153
different publications that I know of.  Groo is also published in Malaysia
in English in serialized form in a Sunday newspaper.  Details at 11:00. 
also look at Ronny's site.  

btw, The Prince of Chichester gag came about because one of Groo's numerous
"editors" was a gentleman whose last name is Chichester.  (Sorry, no time
for research for the whole name.)  Isn't that right Mark?  

The running gags are too many and too good to choose one.  Slow of mind is
defintely up there.  Did I err? is great.  I thought mulch's last stand was
when they gabe the name to the Sage's dog.  Gotta go.  Take care -Gary G.  

> I say "..what do you mean, slow of mind" and the Prince of Chichester
> to rank highly.   Also when I found Chichester on a map, I felt drawn to
> visit and think groo fans round the world should have an annual
> there.
> Come to that - what sort of places do Groopsters come from ?  There seem
> be a fair amount of US based - but I'm in Scotland and know several Groo
> fans over here, so what other exotic places is Groo read ?   Was Groo
> translated into another language ?  Ah, life's mysteries.