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Re: Jokes

Personally, I don't like the idea of Sage's dog being called Mulch. It was
(then) pretty good as a running gag, but it's place was in the letters
column (with an occasional passing mention ala "Mulch Groo"). I think it was
a bit of overkill to put it in a reasonably high-profile position like
Sage's dog. Maybe that's just me though.

'Did I err' is a great running gag, more of a catchphrase, along with the
whole mendicant thing.
Slow of mind is better because of the delay factor. (Groo's 'brain' cogs can
almost be heard clunking into slot!)
But for me, as I saad before, the Chichester one wins hands down because it
takes the delay factor to extremes. Also, it tests MEs memory, because every
time Groo needs to remember something, ME also has to pick up on that one
issue whence the gag comes.


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>btw, The Prince of Chichester gag came about because one of Groo's numerous
>"editors" was a gentleman whose last name is Chichester.  (Sorry, no time
>for research for the whole name.)  Isn't that right Mark?
>The running gags are too many and too good to choose one.  Slow of mind is
>defintely up there.  Did I err? is great.  I thought mulch's last stand was
>when they gabe the name to the Sage's dog.  Gotta go.  Take care -Gary G.