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RE: What pirates!?!?

> When we're on the topic of running jokes someone maybe could explain
> something to me... WHAT PIRATES!? That line, I've seen it so many times
> but
> I just haven't found the issue that it started in. Is there such an issue?
> And, in such case, which is it?
> /Magnus "slow of mind" Lindgren
Yep, this was started in an early Marvel issue.  Can't remember the number
off hand, but involved Pal lying about some pirates and Drumm wondering just
where those pirates were.  I don't know if Mark intnended it to turn into a
running gag (like the Prince of Chichester) but it just sorta stuck.  BTW
Mark, what determines a running gag?  Is it response from fanmail or just
something that you personally find amusing?  Or you just couldn't think of
anything else to put there?

Gabe the dog
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!