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Re: What pirates!?!?

On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 15:38:48 +0900, YN3 Gabriel Owens
<OWENSG@blue-ridge.navy.mil> wrote:

>Yep, this was started in an early Marvel issue.  Can't remember the number
>off hand, but involved Pal lying about some pirates and Drumm wondering just
>where those pirates were.  I don't know if Mark intnended it to turn into a
>running gag (like the Prince of Chichester) but it just sorta stuck.  BTW
>Mark, what determines a running gag?  Is it response from fanmail or just
>something that you personally find amusing?  Or you just couldn't think of
>anything else to put there?

ME: It's all instinct.  As a matter of fact, when the fan mail starts
to mention a running gag, I generally assume it's time to retire it.

The "what pirates?" was not planned.  The only running gag I ever
really planned as a running gag was the "slow of mind" joke.  I wanted
to see if I could make the recognition time longer and longer and

By the way: Tonight, I am doing the dialogue for the first issue of
the next GROO mini-series.  I am on page eight right now and Pipil
Khan is on his deathbed, refusing to die until Groo is destroyed...er,

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