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DH Maverick

Well, it seems that Dark Horse's new sub division for creator owned
projects has begun.  I'm tooling around the DH site and all the creator
owned projects are marked with an animated GIF that says DARK HORSE
MAVERICK.  The new logo seems change according to which artist is doing the
issue.  For instance, Sergio has his cartoony horse head.  Frank Miller has
his very real looking full on horse head (seen on "300") and that SOCK
MONKEY comic has a severed puppet horse head on a stick. etc. etc.  Pretty
neat idea to let the artists do their own horse.

BTW, there's a great preview of the upcoming DH movie, MYSTERY MEN on the
site now.  Can't wait for that one.

~Nate P.~ Is this on topic?  I dunno.  It's been slower than GROO's brain
synapses around here lately anyway.   I think we can officially say that
after a month of low posting, the Groop has hit a LULL.  (just like that.
You have to spell it in all caps for it to be official.)
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