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Re: DH Maverick

>>Well, it seems that Dark Horse's new sub division for creator owned
>>projects has begun.  I'm tooling around the DH site and all the creator
>>owned projects are marked with an animated GIF that says DARK HORSE
>>MAVERICK.  The new logo seems change according to which artist is doing the
>>issue.  For instance, Sergio has his cartoony horse head.  Frank Miller has
>>his very real looking full on horse head (seen on "300") and that SOCK
>>MONKEY comic has a severed puppet horse head on a stick. etc. etc.  Pretty
>>neat idea to let the artists do their own horse.

I remember seeing a page in the last Previews that had about 10-15 different 
logos with the author's name and the comic listed under it.  Stan's and 
Sergio kinda looked the same if I remember correctly.