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Re: Off-Topic Geocities & Yahoo

At 08:59 AM 6/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I just wanted to let you guys know this cause it might be of great interest 
>to those of you who have web pages on geocities.  It seems that in thier new 
>TOS it says that anything that you put on thier site is thiers to do with as 
>they please. So if you have web pages on geocities I think you might want to 
>move them to someplace elese. Anything thatyou have on your pages there, 
>pic's youve made stories etc, are now the property of yahoo and they can 
>seel it use it anywhere else and you wont get squat! to learn more about 
>this go to

~~~~~ Thanks Woodchuck.  Very good to know, considering I still had every
one of my old files from my AKF Comics site still on there from back when I
didn't have my own domain.  I just wiped out about 200 files and graphics.
Unfortunately, this means, the pages showing the groopads before they were
printed,  and the groop desktop image, no longer exist.  Sorry!

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