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> From 9th July, Malaysian Army and navy will conduct an exercise name
> CARAT with the US navy (and army?).  So do you involve in that
> exercise?  If yes, if you arrive at Port Klang of Malaysian Navy base at
> Lumut, please call me as I have a Groo T shirt still available and it
> will be nice to see another fellow Grooper/ies.  The number is
> 03-5532196 (in Malaysia only and if you are in Port Klang, don't dial
> that 03 - It's just an area code)
> Azamin
> The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper
Nope, we're in the middle of our own test cycle right now.  Although most of
our battle group is involved (Cushing, O'Brian, Curtis Wilber), we're not,
nor is our Aircraft Carrier (Kitty Hawk).  We'll be leaving at the end of
the month for Manilla and Korea for our test cycle and an exercise with the
ROK Navy and Marines.  Then I get the heck off of this boat and go back to
the states.  (Sorry to bore anybody on the groop with my-so-called-life.
Heck its not even on a major network).
Az, I got a buddy on the Cushing and I can ask him if he's stopping in Port
Kelang and if so, if he can pick up the shirt for me.  Thanks for trying so
hard.  You're a good bud (awwww).

Gabe the dog faced wonderer
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!