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RE: Back On Line

Hey!  The damn computer is spelling my name wrong!  -Gary Grossmann

From: 	grossman[SMTP:grossfam@olywa.net]
Sent: 	Wednesday, June 30, 1999 9:07 PM
To: 	'groop@groo.com'
Subject: 	Back On Line

Hi Folks!  

Well, I'm back on line with a new computer and going through about 50 messages.  My new set up will take a little getting used to.  Also all my old e-mail is on the other computer and having no short term memory, I can't remember anything I was supposed to do with it.  

Anywho, regarding posts from the last couple days:  

If Ruben goes to the 2000 SDCC as Chakaal, I ain't going near the place!  

I've often thought of going through all the Groos and noting the first appearance of characters, running gags and the like.  But I just haven't had the time.  Trying to maintain a job, a family, and look for Turkish Groos is a lot of work!  Someday maybe.....

Nate, what Mark told us isn't a spoiler, it's like a verbal "previews of comming attractions"  It's kind of cool because we heard it before anyone else.  (I feel so special!)  And what do you mean you MAY buy one of the luch boxes!  

Superzeus!  Can you only get the calendar through Bud Plant?  Doesn't sound like it will have a Groo hiding in it, but you never know!