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Re: Back On Line

>Nate, what Mark told us isn't a spoiler, it's like a verbal "previews of
comming attractions"  It's kind of cool because we heard it before anyone
else.  (I feel so special!)  And what do you mean you MAY buy one of the
luch boxes!  

~~~~~ Gary, it's like you MAY need help.  


PS. ~ It was just a joke folks.  I've gotten more than one letter
chastising me for calling that a "spoiler".  It was humor, haha.  Made a
funny.  Don't really give a floom-floom's butt if ME wanted to photograph a
puppet show of the next issue and put it online for us... I'd buy it anyway.

PPS. ~ I'm just using PS's to keep TGD's dream alive while he's gone.
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