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Glad to hear Groop person from this side of the puddle - even better being
near Chichester.  Funny to name a Roman town after a Groo editor (or
similar - I remamber the name Dan Chichester but can't remember what he

Also Slow of mind joke was designed for internet where  e.g. I write emails
before logging on to send/receive, and then get emails from e.g. Groop - who
are some hours/days later/earlier and have either predicted/ forgotten about
what is about to be written/was written.

Reminds me of Groo Gram from person who only bought every second issue -
anyone else remember that ?  Is he on Groop ?

Didn't know Groo was translated - Wow - who did lettering ?  Is Stan
multi-lingual ?

still no catchphrase - but open to offers (prize a Groo mouse).