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small talk

Well, Gary, I'm going up to Portland again tomorrow night for another 5
days. So I plan on visiting Powells and scurrying over an used book stores
I can find for more elusive Sergio Aragones TPBs.

My Ebay treasures of the week: Wild Animals #1 - A 2 page story by Sergio
Aragones. Classic Sergio Stuff. And the other one, and I don't know if you
know about it for your list Gary, but it's called "Figure It Out: Ideas On
Figure Drawing & Sequential Art". All the artwork is by the creator of this
little book, but he did reproduce a Chakkal and a Groo drawing in his book,
so I don't know what category you'd put that into. And at the end, he does
list Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai for Edification.

CFLAT - I went through my Sergio Aragones paper backs: I have 2 extra 1968
Viva Mad! and 1 extra 1975 Viva Mad! (yellow cover).

Shane Clarke - Dr. Clarke
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