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RE: small talk,etc.

Hi Folks!

Dave, the International Groos are lettered by a different person in each country.   btw, I'm sure Stan speaks, writes, and reads, Japanese.  

Shane, the book by Emilio Soltero with the Groo reprint would go on the off-List U-Ga  (Unoriginal Groo appearances).  He did a comic book style publication a few years back with an original Groo called "Word-Up", which encouraged kids to read. (Item #47 on the OOGA (Other Original Groo Appearances) section of the Groo List.)       

Sergio's part of Wild Animals is Fabulous!  It never ceases to amaze me how many King Kong jokes he can come up with.  I love them all.  

I am getting bored with myself only providing information to the Groop and not saying anything goofy or amusing. 

Anywho, bye for now -Gary G.   


From: 	Shane Clarke[SMTP:sac@foolarchy.com]
Sent: 	Thursday, July 01, 1999 8:54 PM
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Subject: 	small talk

Well, Gary, I'm going up to Portland again tomorrow night for another 5
days. So I plan on visiting Powells and scurrying over an used book stores
I can find for more elusive Sergio Aragones TPBs.

My Ebay treasures of the week: Wild Animals #1 - A 2 page story by Sergio
Aragones. Classic Sergio Stuff. And the other one, and I don't know if you
know about it for your list Gary, but it's called "Figure It Out: Ideas On
Figure Drawing & Sequential Art". All the artwork is by the creator of this
little book, but he did reproduce a Chakkal and a Groo drawing in his book,
so I don't know what category you'd put that into. And at the end, he does
list Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai for Edification.

CFLAT - I went through my Sergio Aragones paper backs: I have 2 extra 1968
Viva Mad! and 1 extra 1975 Viva Mad! (yellow cover).

Shane Clarke - Dr. Clarke
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