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Re: Turkish Groo (& all cultures!)

Attila Gokbudak wrote:

> --- Dave Kerr <killiebantams@callnetuk.com> wrote:
> > Well happy 4th to all US based Groosters, hope much
> > ale is quaffed and cheesedip eaten!
> > Dave
> >
> You know as a Turkish-American, I'm wondering if anyone would think it
> would be obnoxious if I asked everyone to celebrate the Turkish
> Republic's Day on Oct. 29, well, I suppose Greek Groo fans would surely
> take an exception to this (just kidding folks)!

Actually, that's one of the COOLEST things about Groo! Irish & No. Irish,
Israeli & Lebanese, Turkish & Greek, we ALL get along! If we only could get the
rest of the world reading about frays, maybe they'd stop having them...