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Re: cataloging events in Groos

>Kevin and I are going through our collections doing this right now....
>we're taking notes of events in several categories and compiling that
>info for the NEW groo.com ...but the going is slow. If anyone would
>like to help us out, email: grooteam@groo.com

~~~~ The operative word in Chad's above paragraph is.... SLOW.  Very,
very..... very..... VERY slow.

(Just busting your cookies guys.)  

Actually folks, we're up to the part that is perhaps the most boring and
tedious of comic sites... trying to catalog, number, renumber, catalog
again, rerecatalog.... all the issues.  I am perhaps the most fortunate
since, I get away with overseeing the graphic design end.  Josh Jones also
hasn't said much to us lately.... Josh, you out there?  ME has taken a look
at what we have so far, and seemed to approve.  Bare with us folks.  It's
gonna take us a while, not to mention the fact that we all have other
projects.  But you should see the new GROO Webring graphics Chad designed.
Very cool.

~Nate~ That's right, *bare*.
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