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RE: Turkish Groo

Hi Folks & Welcome Atilla!  

I think I posted a couple weeks ago the list of languages and corresponding countries Groo had been translated into.  (Dave, unless I am messed up-always a possibility-Groo HAS NOT been translated into Japanese.  All I said was that I was sure Stan spoke, wrote, and read it.)  

I'll put up something more detailed soon.  Right now, Ronny Hansen probably has the most complete information about International Groos on a web site.  

Turkish Groos were printed in 1989.  They are by far the hardest to find.  Also, they are by far the oddest of the reprints because, other than the covers, they are tracings rather than reprints!  Sergio and Mark made a deal with the publishers (Alfa-long since out of business), but instead of printing the pages, they had someone trace them.  Much of the detail isn't there and things are just different!  The size of the drawings is the same, but there are big blank spots.  The comics themselves are an unusual size (approx. 7" x 5 3/8" or 18cm x 13.5cm), so the pages are laid out differently and each comic contains two Epic Groos, starting with #1 & #2.  It has the Epic #1 cover.  

I have no idea how many were published.  Sergio doesn't know and only has the first two. They were supposed to come out every two weeks.  I have #1 & #3.  My only evidence beyond  that is that in a Turkish Conan currently housed in the Michigan State Library, there is an advertisement for Turkish Groo #8 (with the cover of #15).  Maybe it was never published or maybe there are more than 8.  But that is my current guess until I get more information.  (Which may take actually going to Turkey!)  

So, Atilla.  Do have any relatives or friends in Turkey who might be able to go to a used book/magazine mart and find some old Turkish Groos? I have had very little luck overall and compared to my fotunes in hunting other international Groos.  On the other hand, the one person I found who looked for me found 2 #1's and the #3 the one time he looked.  That's pretty lucky!  

Anywho, I hope this tells folks what they wanted to know.  Take care and don't Groo yourself on the Fourth!   -Gary G.  

PS  I would love to hear from other Groopies as their versions of Independenace Day roll around.  



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--- Dave Kerr <killiebantams@callnetuk.com> wrote:
> Well happy 4th to all US based Groosters, hope much
> ale is quaffed and
> cheesedip eaten!
> Dave
You know as a Turkish-American, I'm wondering if anyone would think it
would be obnoxious if I asked everyone to celebrate the Turkish
Republic's Day on Oct. 29, well, I suppose Greek Groo fans would surely
take an exception to this (just kidding folks)! But, anyway, I am a
casual Groopie compared to the rest of you- meaning, you won't hear me
mention the word m*lc* But, I understand Groo was translated into
Turkish, wouldn't mind knowing how to get a copy of one of those books,
if anyone has any info about that. But, I'm not interested in finding
any Groos in Norwegian, Hungarian, Latin or any other language I can't
read. Also, I haven't read all the Groo books, but I was wondering if
any of them are based on some phacet of reality- ie. war of the roses.
Anyway, if that sounds like a stupid question, remember I'm a casual
fan, but a fan nonetheless, be nice to me and take care, Tilly in Virginia
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