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Re: Translated Groos

Greetings Good Groopers.

> ME: I have a few but I don't think I have time to arrange the scans.
> Maybe someone with a web-site could whip up a foreign Groo gallery?

I have some international issues (Norway, Sweden, Danish, 
French, German, and from Brazil), and have been thinking about 
scanning some covers and maybe a couple of the pages for my 
Groo Page's International Comics Section. I've never gotten around 
doing it, but now seems like a good time to do it :-)

Check my Groo Page later today or tomorrow, then you'll find some 
samples of the comics. All pictures will be linked from the Main 
Page of each country. You'll find a list over each of the countries on 
Main Page of http://NorwGroo.cjb.net 

Yours truly, Ronny Hansen

The Norwegian Groo Page - http://NorwGroo.cjb.net