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The Nightmares of Groo!

Here is my submission for the Ruben-created Groo contest. Below is a summary of the comic I am introducing as well as two versions of the opening poem. The first introduction is similar in style to the earlier rhyme seen in comics like Groo #28 (The gourmet food issue). (I think this form works better because its purpose is to set up the comic). The second poem is similar in structure to the "Wager of the Gods" (issue #99).

The story: Groo has been the victim of bad dreams for several nights now and they are progressively becoming worse. In one of the worst of them, he is petrified of battle and unable to hold his swords. These dreams are so disturbing, that he cannot gain a full night's rest and he's beginning to grow concerned. He wanders from village to village, seeking help for his insomnia, until he chances upon the Sage . . .

"The Nightmares Of Groo"

Nightmares are hard to ascertain-
Dark images that haunt the brain
Wishing to sleep the whole night through-
Peaceful slumber won't come to you
Shadows nameless and full of dread-
Horror tales you should not have read
Having dinner close to your bed-
Scary stories inside your head
Monsters, spiders, the chill of night-
Become the recipes of fright.
But when you wake up in a sweat-
Trembling, bleary-eyed, cold, and wet-
One thing, my friend, is always true-
Bad dreams are much preferred to Groo.

"The Nightmares of Groo"

His wandering-
and pondering-
are sadly interrupted

Our Hero's dreams-
are cracked, it seems-
his sleep badly corrupted

Visions of dread-
inside Groo's head-
(once inhabited by air)

A bloodshot gaze-
no rest for days-
all due to this nightmare!

He's in a trap-
he cannot nap-
there's nothing worse (it's true)

Unless of course-
in this Dark Horse-
HE meets an exhausted Groo!

                                       Finn Smith,

I originally planned to include an ink drawing of Groo tossing, turning, and grinding his teeth in a fitful sleep. His swords are hanging an a nearby tree beneath the moon. A thought/dream bubble shows the subject of his troubling dream:

          Sergio and Mark.

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