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Re: Foreign Groo images

Hey Ronny,
Maybe I'm just thick (Well, you *are* in the groop, Schechner), but I can't
find the pictures on your site. Any directions? I went to the main page and
checked under a couple of the foreign language areas. Help!


>Greetings Good Groopers.
>The scans from the different foreign Groo comics are now online.
>Please check them out, and give me some feedback. You should
>be able to read the text on the scanned pages, but please let me
>know if you have trouble, and I'll try scanning them again. But I
>can't make  them much bigger, because they're already 300Kb+ :-(
>Yours truly, Ronny Hansen
>The Norwegian Groo Page - http://NorwGroo.cjb.net