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I've heard the Conan rumor

I've heard that Groo was printed in some Conan comic books. Actually,
I'm not happy about that because I had a Turkish Conan comic book. I
gave it to a kid to read and return i, alas he never did and he also
left town! Anyway, I'm not fanatical about getting a Turkish Groo, and
I had no idea they were the hardest Groos to find, but that doesn't
surprise me. Turkey has an unusual way of printing comic books in
general. American comic strip stars from the '30s and '40s like
"Mandrake" and "The Phantom" are still published there, and they seem
to be doing better than the likes of "Spiderman" and "superman". But,
anyway, all my relatives are old, they would be of no help. So, if
anyone knows anything about the Turkish Groos feel free to let me know.
BTW, you actually know Sergio? Are you an artist yourself? Just
wondering. Take care, Tilly
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