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Re: Foreign Groo images

Hi Chris, Groop!

> Hey Ronny,
> Maybe I'm just thick (Well, you *are* in the groop, Schechner), but I can't
> find the pictures on your site. Any directions? I went to the main page and
> checked under a couple of the foreign language areas. Help!

Hmm, well there should be links to the pictures under each of the 
following areas (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, German, 
and Brazil). When you click the link for the country, you should find 
links to a couple of images near the bottom of the page.
The links are writtten in the following format:

      [Coverpage] of 'Groo Le Barbare #1' (199 Kb, JPEG)
      [Page #9] of 'Groo Le Barbare #1' (350 Kb, JPEG) 

Hope you'll be able to find them now Chris. If you still have trouble, 
try connecting to http://home.sol.no/~groo/ , and refresh each of 
the Int. Groo pages. Refresh don't work that good with the .Cjb.Net 

Yours Truly, Ronny Hansen

The Norwegian Groo Page - http://NorwGroo.cjb.net