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RE: Question from M.E.

Q: Why is anyone bidding?

      A:  a. Because Groo's influence on the world is more pervasive than we think.  
           b. The title to the book confused them.
           c. They think they're getting PAID $14.50.
           d. They're idiots.
           e. None of the above.
           f.  All of the above.
           g. Only e. & f. 
           h. a.-d. are redundant
           i.  I'm redundant
           j.  I'm redundant.  
           k. I'll stop now.

Take care all-Gary G.  

From: 	Mark Evanier[SMTP:me@evanier.com]
Sent: 	Monday, July 05, 1999 6:20 PM
To: 	groop@groo.com
Subject: 	Question from M.E.

Okay, Groop...figure this one out.

There's a guy on eBay who's auctioning off a copy of GROO: THE MOST
INTELLIGENT MAN IN THE WORLD.  This is a new, non-autographed copy of
a book that is currently in print.

Bidding still has more than a day to go and it's at $11.50.  The
seller is asking $3.00 postage so the least it'll cost someone to get
it is $14.50 and that means dealing with an unknown, unproven seller
who doesn't even accept credit cards.

Over at amazon.com, you can do one click and have the book shipped to
you by a reliable, established dealer for $7.96 plus $4.00 postage for
a total of $11.96.  If you order anything else from amazon at the same
time, you can save on postage.

Why is anyone bidding?

Mark Evanier
PMB 303
363 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3124