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The Nightmares of Groo

Hi Groop!

Allow myself to introduce myself...err I'm fairly new to the groop. My name is LuckyCat and I thought I would give the contest a try. I had a couple of ideas and thought I would send them. Be kind, remember I'm new, but I've loved Groo for years. Into the fray....


"The Nightmares of Groo"

Some people say that Groo was sleeping,
when their village he wandered by
His swords were drawn, his eyes were closed
His trusted pooch was by his side.

Poor Rufferto, he could not see
what Groo envisioned in his sight,
But faithfully he followed Groo,
To see what Groo would fight.

The dreams, they came nightly
And Groo was ready to do battle
With the imaginary dragon,
that came to steal the cattle.

Groo swung and swished at the air,
Rufferto, fearful for his friend,
Found the Sage and brought him back
To bring the nightmares to an end.

The Sage was thoughtful as well as wise
His advice was steady and true
If you watch what you eat before you sleep
It will stop the nightmares of Groo.


The Nightmares of Groo

Come sit with me round the fire,
And listen closely to my song,
And I will tell to you the story
Of the night when things went wrong.

The dreams would come late at night,
And last until the dawn,
Groo found himself married with family,
That wanted to tag-along.

His wandering days were over
With a family to support
He no longer sought out frays
But washed diapers by the port.

Groo searched for answers but to no avail
He needed the advice of Sage
Maybe he could cure these dreams
And rid him of his cage.

Groo found the Sage and asked for help
"What could he possibly do?"
The words of wisdom from the Sage
Were -- "Bachelorhood for you".

Thanks to the Groop! LuckyCat

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