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Nightmares of Groo

I hope this isn't too late for the competition.  :)
My imagining of how one would cure themselves of horrible nightmares...

The Nightmares of Groo

They say to be brave is to be without fear,
And a man without brains is certainly there!
Well GROO has no mind, so he's rarely afraid
- Except for that time when he thought he filleted
his dog Rufferto (an easy mistake),
Or else when he had a mysterious ache -
But none of the things that he's faced in his life
Come close to the horrors that plague him at night.
The Nightmares of Groo are horrid indeed,
So blasphemous that he's truly in need
of a cure. He searches, from town to town,
To see if somebody(like a doctor)'s around.
Instead he found Sage, who insisted he should
Face something more fearful than the things he would
dream. So our swordsman, our fighter, hero and hunter
Will face real horror, and RE-MARRY BUNTA!!!!!

That'd cure anybody.

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