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The Nightmares of Groo

Hi there Groop!
I just signed up and wanted to send in my poem for the contest.
Mark Evanier's job is safe, but I hope you all enjoy this as much as
I enjoyed writing it.

The Nightmares of Groo

Gather around, my friends, and hear
A woeful tale of Groo,
Whose terrible dreams were haunting him
But why? Groo hadn?t a clue.

It seems he dreamt he?d lost his swords
And he knew not where to look,
And though he searched from town to town
He couldn?t find the crook.

For without his swords it seems that Groo
Is lost and gone astray,
It seems to be that the wanderer
Gets strength from his love of the fray

So in search of help from the sage they went
His advice always helpful and kind
The disappearance of your swords, he said
Is only in your mind.

For asleep beside the brook you are
Your swords above you sway
In the breeze, blowing through the trees
Ready for your next fray.

Gary "Mendicant" Boyer

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