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Re: Question from M.E.

Mark Evanier wrote:

> Why is anyone bidding?

Why was I able to purchase a patch for $3 and sell it for over $30 3 weeks
later? Why does a Kenner Stereo-Viewer not even get it's $25 reserve one month,
and then people are buying them for over $75 every month thereafter? Why do
birds fall down from the sky? Why do people shell out anywhere from $8 to $15
for a set of Man Without Fear, when there's another set for $3 also on ebay that
NO ONE has bid on? Oh, the horror! The senseless stupidity! 'Tis ebay, and
they're the ignorant (& not so bright) masses, Mark. Why doesn't Groo sell
better than the X-Men? It's all part of the same equation...