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Ebay blues

Ebay items are definately something to watch carefully.  I check out its
items everyday and the first or second thing I check out is always Groo.
I have seen some really great items up there for sale at unbelieveable
prices, and others that are sold at prices no one with a Wizard Guide
would touch if their life depended on it.  I've bought several items on
ebay which I could never find anywhere else (believe me, I've looked) and
other things I can buy at my local book store for less.  My point is, be
an informed bidder (I never thought I would use the word "informed" on the
Groo list").  Check out the price guides before bidding on a comic book,
then check a comic book shop, because a lot of them sell back issues for A
LOT less than market value.  Just because we preach the Gospel According
to Sage doesn't mean we're mendicants :)   Let the un-groo-worthy buy
Destroyer Duck #1 for $100.00, they deserve it.