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hi gang (spoilers!)

Hey gang!





Be there!

Be there!

		Be there!

High noon

		Black top

				rolling below the asphalt drive

Hey, its you favorite dog-faced assasin wanderer, noticing things kinda slow
around here after yesterday's poetry reading.  Saw a lot of nice ones in
there, picking a winner's gonna be tough!  I wanna thank Chris for sending
me Fanboy 1-6 (enjoy the hat!) and what can I say but wow!  This is one of
the best comics I've read in a while (Eat your heart out Preacher!  Kidding,
I love that one too).  From a Fanboy's perspective, its really positive.
The one-liners were great, its always nice to see Mark using pop culture
jokes he can't use in Groo.  How did you ever get Frank Miller to draw his
Dark Knight for you?  I heard he was a guest artist, but I was truly
surprised to see THE Dark Knight.  And wasn't that just one of the most
beautiful Wonder Woman renderings on the cover of 6?  It was very cool to
see Sergio's cartoony (but no less detailed) art next to the more
"realistic" artists, especially Neal Adams (what a contrast!  can you tell I
really dug the Batman issue?)  I'm recommending this one to all my friends,
even those who don't like humor comics (they can't all be grim guys, c'mon,
loosen up)  Saad, are you out there?  Email me buddy.

Gabe the no nicknamed dog-faced assasin wanderer (this is getting
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!