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Re: Newbie Question:HoM

hi !

i did visit the site ... itz a well presented site and it helped me to
know the Groop better ... esp the FAQ which made me understand some of
the running jokes in Groop which made no sense to me in the beginning
at all ... and i luv the cartoons in Mulch though i don't know what it
has to do with the Groop ...

but there seems to be a scattering of other Groop related stuff
elsewhere on the Net like the Groop awards and the cute continuing
story ... it'll be better if all the Groop related stuff was together
in the same site (though I understand that there may be space
constraints) ...

also, it'll be nice to have a short description of each Groop member
next to their names instead of just a list of meaningless names which
really isn't much use to a newbie ... mebbe u could ask each Groopie to
submit a short description of themselves ?

and last but not least .... thought the graphics is nice, i don't like
the entrance screens to each section of HoM ... it takes longer to load
(esp with a slow internet access) and doesn't add much content value to
the site ...

well, thatz my 2 kopins worth !

peace, kool kat.

--- Nate Piekos <nate@piekosarts.com> wrote:
> How many newbies actually went to the Hall of
> Mendicants (when you first
> joined up) and found it to be a helpfull tool to
> your being on the GROO list?
> ~Nate~ Yes, this question is directly related to the
> future of the HoM.

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