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Groo Stuff Update

Hi Folks!  

OK, here's a Groo stuff update straight from Dark Horse's website (www.dhcomics.com)

Dark Horse Presents Jr.  (8 page Li'l Groo)  -out 8-11-99
The Groo Inferno trade paperback Epic #33-#36 (On Good paper!)  -out 10-27-99
Groo Lunch Box  -out 11-10-99

If you can, have it ordered through you local comic book shop.  If not, go to the DH site, do a search for "Groo", and follow the directions for ordering.  

Nate!!! Please!!  Don't trash HoM!!  It's great!  Change things you're not happy with, but keep the substance!!!! Mulch, FAQ, Bios. Cool Stuff! Please keep it!!!

Re:  The ebay card art.  The reserve is $250.  It doesn't include the signed corresponding card that came with the ones you got when Sergio was selling them through Mark Cohen.  On the other hand, the $250 reserve is what Sergio sold them for and ME says IF Sergio sells stuff like that anymore, the prices will be a lot higher.  So maybe some of the wealthier Groopies might want to go for it.  

Finally, sorry the International Groos list came through e-mail in such a mess.  I guess I should have sent it as a file.  Anywho, if anyone wants it as a file, just let me know.  

Take care all -Gary G.