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Re: Newbie Question:HoM


> How many newbies actually went to the Hall of Mendicants (when you first
> joined up) and found it to be a helpfull tool to your being on the GROO list?
> ~Nate~ Yes, this question is directly related to the future of the HoM.

Maybe The HoM should be mentioned in the reply mail new 
subscribers get when they sign on to the mailinglist. And of course 
on the Groop page on groo.com (I'm sure this will come on the new 
groo.com). I have a link to the HoM on my Groop page on The 
Norwegian Groo Page.
But, this will help new members of the Groop to find the HoM.

Just a thought...

Yours truly, Ronny Hansen

The Norwegian Groo Page - http://NorwGroo.cjb.net