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Groo inventory

Don't know where you get all the info Gary, but well done.  Turkish Groo
thing is very strange, although annoying coz friends of mine have just
returned from holiday in Turkey.  Shame about the Japanese Groo - surely
Groo would work as some sort of Samurai parody ?  In fact those swords..

As for groo inventory - if whoever's in the lead could make some kind of
pro-forma out which could be done for any issue on it's own, then work could
be spread out.  I've got lots of Groos, though not a complete collection,
but would be glad to do a few issues.  Once complete, stats should be easy
to work out.  I daresay a few Groopsters would volunteer.

Don't know about this Poem thing either, and sorry, Groo mouse escaped.

Porrons forever!