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Wallpapers (was: Re: newbie.....or would that be groobie?)

At 22:29 1999-07-07 -0400, Robert swett wrote:
>   hello fellow groopies, i've been looking for some cool pictures of groo
>to set as my  desk top wallpaper can any one direct me to a site i may
>wander to. some icons  would be cool too but i won't be greedy.i'd settle
>for just a neat desktop  thanks.         yours grooly, Robert( S.Baldrick)


There are some wallpapers on my Groo-site:

This is the new adress for my Groo-page, I will try to get a better alias
for it soon ;-) Anyway, since the page has moved to my own server I now
have (almost) unlimited discspace so if anybody want to send me more
wallpapers there are alot of room to put it in.

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