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RE: Foreign Groo images

Hi Folks!  

Finn Wrote:

I am interested in purchasing some foreign Groos.  Ideally, I'd like to 
acquire one Groo comic in each of the following languages:   German, 
Swedish, Danish, Norweigian, and one from Finland.  If there is any one 
willing to help me, please reply with price estimates.  Thanks immensely.

OK Finn, here's the situation:  There haven't been any Swedish, Danish, or Finnish Groos since the mid 80's.  There haven't been any Norweigen Groos since the early 90's, and until just about now, there haven't been any German Groos for a long time either.  The way you find these things is first to ask for help from Groopies in those countries.  Beyond that, you've got to use the Internet and your imagination.  Martin just let me know that there will be a German version of the trade paperback of the first Dark Horse Mini-series coming out in a couple weeks.  So that should be easy.  Good Luck!  -Gary G.