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Re: Sheesh...

At 09:36 AM 7/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi folks. I've been gone a while. What have I missed?
>Love, from,

~~~~ Well.... Gary revealed that he's really not from this planet.  He's a
visitor from the planet Bloore 3.  His species is devoted to cataloging and
registering things to a point where even a zaxuum from Gafff 7 would roll
his eyes (all 8) and you know how hard it is to make a zaxuum roll his
eyes!   Ruben has started the CULT OF THE GLEAMING MOIST MULCH and several
of the newbies have joined him in the Canadian Rockies, where they subsist
on strained mulch tea and cheesedip popsicles... and don't even get me
started on that thing with Eric Chun and those monkies of his!  Meanwhile
Shane Clarke just sits there and wonders if he should put his GROO site
back online ; )... and  Saad Azim revealed that he actually is a zaxuum and
in fact, he has begun rolling all 8 eyes at Gary.

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