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Re: Sheesh...

>> ~~~~~ Oh, smooth, Kev, real smooth... all that preparation..... sigh.
>Drats!! Reckenfreckenratzinfratzin! Well, maybe she won't read all this 
>stuff. 'Sides, the trip down to Florida wasn't a TOTAL loss...remember 
>when we got all the dumb college coeds to believe that we worked for 
>Sergio & Mark, & that we were holding a Title Maiden beauty contest for 
>the next few issues. {psst...do you think we ought to tell Mark that the 
>one girl with the big...um...elbows said we were a fraud & that she was 
>going to sue him? [hey! don't give me a bad time! I whispered it this 
>time. What do you think all these paretheses are for?? You're the only 
>one who can hear the stuff in the parentheses!!]}.

~~~~~ I am if you only e-mail it to me and not the groop..... I didn't know
that girl with the big.... um... elbows was on to us! Damn those
distracting elbows! Damn them I say!

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