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Re: The House of Groo

I sit here writing this message, knowing it will not be sent for a couple days because, well...I Grooed. Hmm, where to begin. You see, my whole house is turning into the House of Groo. First there was that septic system problem. Now all my pump house plumbing needs to be replaced and I could be without water at any minute. Then the dishwasher broke. Maybe we got it fixed and maybe we didn't because when we tried to turn the valve back on that feeds the dishwasher, the valve broke so the water can't get in. And we just discoverd the furnace/heat pump puts out the same neutral air whether it's set on heat or air conditioning.

As long as that plumbing doesn't flood the Groo stuff, your life is managable. (Water-damaged Groos would classify as a REALLY serious problem . . .)


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