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Review: ACBA Sketchbook 1975.

I just got a copy of the ACBA Sketchbook from 1975.  I just thought I'd
post a brief review....

The magazine-sized portfolio is a collection of works by over 48 artists
such as: Berni Wrightson, Wally Wood, Mike Grell, Harvey Kurtzman, Mike
Kaluta, John Romita Sr. & Jr.,, Gray Morrow, and our favorite Sergio

The works range from pinups, to cover works, to panel strips, to art
montages, to exerpts from larger works.  

Sergio Aragones' peice is one of the better contributions (of course!).
It is a jam packed scene of a Mexican town square from a view high on a
cathedral.  There are lots of people, buildings birds, and little scenes
like blanket sellers, shell game tables, friends walking, lovers loving,
kids playing, and lots lots more. Basically everyone is doing something
different.  There's even a billboard advertsing cigarettes "Smoke ACBA",
which Sergio doesn't do any more (now there are billboards "Don't

It is a neat peice from Sergio's earlier 'skill level' that I always
love to see.

All best,