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While undusting my old Groo Quiz I had an idea. When I wrote the script I
had in mind to make more questions for it as time passed on but seeing the
time-stamp of the file being from 1998 I realized that that was never going
to happen. Now the idea was that maybe some of you could help me, if
everybody who had a tricky (or funny or otherwise) question that they might
want to add, please send it to me and I'll add it. Maybe I can compile a
whole new quiz and we can again have a small competition (just for fun, no
winnings involved except the... honour? ;-)).

The question must be multiple choice with 4 alternatives. It does not have
to follow standard rules though, my quiz right now contains some tricky
questions like "If Groo says your a sapper, are you a sapper?", if you
answer this question with anything but "YES!" you'll get killed by Groo and
will now be able to complete the quiz ;-)

The old quiz is up and running by the way (for newbies: it's at: and choose "quiz"), the highscorelist is removed
however and you can now see which questions you answer wrong.

Quote of the moment

That's the thing about people who think they hate computers. What they
really hate is lousy programmers. 
- Larry Niven and Jerry