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Garys' Problem

Nate Piekos wrote:

Perhaps we are going about solving Gary's problem the wrong way.... While Lia
suggests removing GROO items, I suggest finding the direct antithesis of GROO
and applying that the situation.... now all we have to do is find the
antithesis of GROO.... and send lots of it to Gary
I'm would like to hear from other groopies as to their
(opinion,vote,nomination) for the antithesis of Groo. I guess it doesn't have
to be a comic book character but since our beloved Groo is, it would be more
fitting. I am not that versed in the world of comic book characters so the
only one that comes to mind is Conan, Not the comic book version but Arnold
Schwarzenegers' version. I know, it's lame but at least he is very ept  :-)

Groosum - "Into the fray!"